4 x Life Changing Ideas

Four Events in Nicosia - 20% Discount

  • Available Seats: 200
  • €208.00/per participant

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Four Events in Nicosia - 20% Discount

Globaltraining and the University of Nicosia are offering a special price for those that register for all four events in Nicosia

Dates: 21 November 2019 

Topic: Messengers and their Messages

Speaker: Steve Martin

Dates: 27 February 2020

Topic: Whatever it Takes - Facing up to Challenges and

Navigating Change in Europe

Speaker: George Papaconstantinou

Dates: 9 April 2020

Topic: Accelerator Selling

Speakers: Philios Andreou

Dates: May 2020

Topic: Invent the Future

Speakers: Steve Vranakis

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