6 x Life Changing Ideas

ALL 6 x Life Changing Ideas Presentations

  • Available Seats: 200
  • €350.00/per participant

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5 +1 Life Changing Ideas Presentations

Globaltraining and the University of Nicosia are offering a special price for those that register for all six presentations up-front. This ticket price will include:

Pack of 5+1 for attending all speeches and currated dinner: €350 (Pay for 5 and attend all 6 speeches and the currated dinner)

Dates: 12 October 2017 

Topic: Reinventing Strategy

Speaker: Michael Jacobites

Dates: 2 November 2017 

Topic: Music & Business Innovation

Speaker: Panos A. Panay

Dates: 11 January 2018 

Topic: Go Everywhere, Eat everything

Speaker: Simon Majumdar

      ** Currated Dinner **

Dates: 22 February 2018 

Topic: The Changing Workplace

Speaker: Jerry Prochazka

Dates: 12 April 2018 

Topic: The Day After Tomorrow

Speaker: Peter Hinssen

Dates: 31 May 2018

Topic: Live Interview on Stage

Speaker: Rio Ferdinand

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