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1. Michael Jacobides on Strategy - 12 October 2017

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Michael Jacobides on Strategy

Reinventing Strategy: Being better than your competitors is no longer enough

Jacobides works and researches industry evolution, new

business models, value migration and structural change in firms

and sectors. His work has appeared in top academic journals

such as SMJ, AMJ, AMR, OrgSci, ResPol, and ICC, where he is the

Co-Editor. He also publishes in HBR, FT and Forbes.com, has

been interviewed by the FT, BBC, and appears regularly on CNN.

A frequent speaker at corporate events, Jacobides works on

strategy and leadership development, with organisations

such as Telenor, Vodafone, Nokia, McKinsey, Accenture, PwC,

KPMG, Santander, Credit Suisse, Airbus, Lufthansa, Zurich,

MerckSerono and the NHS. He has also worked on various

policies with the UK parliament (on the future of financial

services) and the European Council (with the high-level group

on innovation in Europe), and has spearheaded the Redesign

Greece initiative.

Jacobides has served on the Global Agenda Council of the

World Economic Forum, and has presented talks at the Davos

Annual meetings.

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Event Details:

Date: Thursday 12 October 2017

Time: 18:30 - 20:30

Venue: Cine Studio, University of Nicosia

Cost: €60 

Speaker: Michael Jacobides

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