Seminars are essential for professionals to remain effective in their role. Professionals are relied upon by their clients to stay abreast of changes in regulations, markets and the environment in which they work.


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Open Seminars

Intercollege Globaltraining has been offering seminars to help participants cover their CPD requirements of their professional bodies and is the first organization in Cyprus that has been approved as tuition provider by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

In-house Seminars

Globaltraining has been cooperating with many companies - including large multinational companies - for covering their in-house training needs.


We are delighted to offer online tuition through webinars, our “Live-On-Line” seminars, designed to enhance participants’ learning by flexing tuition to their needs.

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My teacher’s passion and knowledge definitely contributed to my success, as did his willingness to assist me after lecture hours. The study material handouts and the lecturer were very organized and focused on the subject’s core requirements. The lecturer passed on the importance of the subject and provided guidance throughout the duration of my studies.
Marinella Georgiou
1st Place Worldwide – P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance – Jun 2014
8th Place Worldwide – P2 Corporate Reporting – Dec 2013
This course helped me focus on the requirements of the specific paper and valuable tips concerning exam technique were provided during the course. The professor in charge of the session helped me understand some “grey areas” of the syllabus, and, most importantly, helped me draw up a study plan for the remaining days until the final exam. The people at Globaltraining have managed to create an attractive studying environment and, from my experience, an exam-focused study programme.
Stavros Stamatiou
1st Place Worldwide – P2 Corporate Reporting – Dec 2013
Committed and supportive lecturers managed to deliver the relevant knowledge, while helping students change their mindset from academic to professional examinations. Besides teaching us the theoretical and practical parts of the exam syllabus, the tutors provided extensive information about exam techniques possible examiners’ traps. This allowed me to understand the examiners’ expectations and achieve the desired results.
Marina Okhatrina
2nd Place Worldwide - Paper F8 Audit & Assurance - Dec 2012
The staff at Globaltraining are friendly and helpful, always ready to assist with any questions and problems arising during the study process. The teachers are very professional and all of them have practical experience in various industries which helps students understand the lectures not only from the theoretical side but from a practical standpoint as well.
Katerina Sokolova
5th Place Worldwide – Affiliates – Jun 2014
8th Place Worldwide – P2 Corporate Reporting – Dec 2013
This success came as a result of hard work and high-quality guidance from Globaltraining. It contributed greatly towards this success mainly due to its simplification of the syllabus, which minimized the required study time. When you work full-time and your available time is limited, you need a tuition provider who can plan your study, highlight the main areas of the syllabus and provide you with the appropriate knowledge not only to pass the exams but also to use this knowledge in your professional field.
Evdoxia Panagiotopoulou
Joint 6th Place Worldwide - Paper F7 Financial Reporting - Jun 2013
My 100% success in the ACCA exams up to now would not have been attained without the full support provided by the experienced lecturers, friendly administrative staff, well-organised course schedule and fully-equipped infrastructure. The product offering of Globaltraining is well above the services that its competitors offer. Globaltraining prepares students not to merely pass an exam, but to stand out from the crowd.
Stylianos Nikolakakis
Joint 6th Place Worldwide - Paper F7 Financial Reporting - Jun 2013
Globaltraining was an ally in the demanding effort towards ACCA membership. My tutors were always available for any question I might have during the pre-exam period and the lessons significantly reduced the amount of time needed to prepare for the exams.
Vasileios Pliatsikas
6th Place Worldwide - Paper F8 Audit & Assurance - Jun 2012
Globaltraining, and especially my lecturer Mr. Ntotsias, significantly contributed to my success. Mr. Ntotsias is an expert in IFRS and he has exceptional teaching/coaching skills. His study material/notes were detailed and well-organized and constituted a very useful course study guide.
Anthi Andrianakou
8th Place Worldwide - Paper F7 Financial Reporting - Jun 2012
To achieve success in such a demanding exam, you need deep knowledge and clear direction during your studies, and this is what I received from Globaltraining. I am really grateful to my F7 and P2 tutors who gave me deep understanding of the subject and taught me how to apply my knowledge in practice. Overall, I am really glad that I did my ACCA journey together with the Globaltraining team. They are professionals who have contributed so much to my success.
Sergey Shor
Joint 8th Place Worldwide - Paper P2 Corporate Reporting - Dec 2013
Globaltraining assisted me by providing high-quality professional education and guidance on exam techniques through its qualified staff. Attending Globaltraining classes assists the ACCA student to deepen his knowledge of the syllabus, develop his skill set and be fully prepared for the exams. Globaltraining has the professional competence that makes it a leading provider of professional education.
Olympia Gkouma
9th Place Worldwide – F9 Financial Management – Dec 2013

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